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My Top 10 Beauty Picks for 2010 – Beautynewbie

by Holly James
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Hey all, I know it’s been far too long since I’ve been able to post a video, and since I am visiting family and won’t be back to my suite until January 1st, I thought I would share my Top 10 Beauty products that I have used and loved over 2010. They are in no particular order, because I really couldn’t narrow some of them down, lol! I tried to stray away from makeup (with the exception of my foundation) because I will probably be doing a video on my fave makeup items once I can get a hand on my camera!

1.   border= Ecotools Makeup Brushes

I did a review of Ecotools, but I sold all of my MAC and Sigma brushes when I got these, because frankly, every set I tried I pretty much loved. The eye-kit and the mineral kit are my faves as far as pre-made kits go, but I also am in LOVE with the Ecotools Bronzer brush.  border=Being such a eco-friendly brand, with bamboo handles and vegan bristles— I am loving how cool green is turning out to be!

2.  border= Almay Clear Complexion FoundationThis has been my go-to foundation, since March of 2010 and I am happy to find a great foundation that is cruelty-free and can be bought at the drugstore for under 15.00 CA. It’s not the cheapest drugstore foundation and it doesn’t have a pump, but it provides a really natural finish that is opaque enough to cover blemishes! It is great for sensitive skin, and really did help my skin stay clear. 3.  border=O.P.I. Dulce De LecheProbably my favorite “everything” nail polish that goes with every outfit and every event. It’s a nice pink nude that I often grab when I simply can’t decide to wear on my nails. What can I say?  In a year that has been all about color, this is a classic that I will probably hold dear til I’m old. LOL. I also was very tempted to list O.P.I’s Black Cherry Chutney border=, because that is by far my favorite dark nail polish. I like that even more than the most-raved Lincoln Park After Dark. 4.  border= The Body Shop Seaweed Facial WashAlthough I’m in love with the Aloe Toner  border=and foaming face wash from The Body Shop as well, the Seaweed cleanser has been by-far my most used facial product this year. It is meant for combination skin, which helps especially during the hot months. I usually keep this in my shower to use in the morning for a quick all-in-one face wash. It has a really fresh clean and crisp scent that makes me feel re-energized and fresh. I also love the Seaweed facial scrub with jojoba beads I sometimes use that one when I want a real good deep-cleansing (pictured above).5.  border= Lush Pop-In-The-Bath Bubble BarI think I’ve mentioned before that I am a big fan of Lush’s Bubble Bars, probably more so than any other Lush product, because they’re unique and most of the time worth the money spent in use vanlue. I will often get 3-4 and sometimes 5 baths out of this one little Bubble Bar. It’s got a really great citrus scent mixed with some sort of sparkling fizzy-esque (love making up new words hahah) quality. I really can’t describe more than that, but I keep coming back to this one among all others. You should try it. Seriously. Another one that I really like (surprisingly) is the Amandopondo Bubble Bar border=, which smells like real-life roses. 6.  border= The Body Shop Vanilla Eau de Toilette I wore this everyday for months and month and months this year–especially during the cold months. I’ve always been a vanilla girl, and though I’m not a fan of the shower gel and lotion, I LOVE the EDT from The Body Shop. I went through probably 4 bottles of the EDT and 2 of the body mist. Everywhere I went, I always got compliments on how great I smelled. The funny thing is, often people wouldn’t know it was vanilla? I know there’s touches of other notes in this perfume, like sandalwood and amber, but whatever is in it… it’s definitely a favorite of mine. I used to use the Vanilla Perfume Oil  border=when they sold it in stores, but now you can only find it on ebay and on amazon.7.  border= Punky Colors Pillarbox Red Semi-Permanent DyeWhen I first dyed my hair red, I really wanted to have the biggest punch of color I could. I didn’t have access to Manic Panic border=, except online, and I had read numerous reviews stating that Punky Colors lasted longer. I tried it and loved it. Although I will probably be going back to my natural color soon, this is by far my favorite hair product, because it gave me long-lasting results with the red kick I wanted. I used Pillarbox Red which is featured in the image-link above.8.  border= The Body Shop Shea Body Whip Now I know I’m showcasing a lot of Body Shop stuff, but this year I was exposed to a LOT of it, and I honestly fell for a whole new world of bath stuff. The Shea line from The Body Shop will be repurchase over and over again. Most people will like the fragrance, which is sort of a smokey-neutral-nutty-spicey sweet scent. LOL. I love the shower gel, the soap, the body butter and of course, the body whip. The Shea Body Whip is the thing that made me fall for the Shea line, really. It was the first I tried, and I fell head over heals. I did a review, and you can tell I ain’t BSing. I really love this stuff. I would marry it, if I could. Is there a law against marrying a lotion?9.  border= Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae MorrisRecently, this book has gotten a lot of publicity on YouTube, though it’s been around a for a couple years. I haven’t really done any Makeup book reviews, but this is definitely the first one you should buy if you’re in the market for a great makeup book. It beats out any Bobbi Brown book I’ve read and many others. Though I still love my Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin border= and Laura Merciers The New Beauty Secrets  border=book, Rae Morris has covered every base with beautiful photographs and simple explanations. Love her. 10.  border= Absolutely anything from E.L.F CosmeticsI know some of you may want to know what my favorite item is from ELF for 2010, but I can’t narrow it down, so as a company, ELF is one of my top 10 Picks for 2010. Some of my favorites have to be the Mineral Lipsticks, the Studio Line Brushes,$1 quads, eyelash curler, the Studio blushes… I really could go on, but you get my point! Not everything is dead on from E.L.F, but they have grown to be a very successful company this year, staying on trend with what is popular and bringing it to the public at a cheaper price. Who doesn’t love ELF?

Tell me what’s your top 5 or 10 beauty products are?


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