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Swatch: NYX Juliana Nailpolish

by Holly James
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NYX Juliana nail polishI bought this some time ago from CherryCulture, but of course the swatches on their site suck, so I had to guess if this would be a shade I like or not. I featured this in my (March?) faves on Youtube, and I still love the color. One thing bothers me, though… after a few days, the pink shade will fade and it turns more of an orangey color. I don’t hate orange, but I do prefer the pink-peachy tone I get fresh out of the bottle. I notice if I put China Glaze top coat or Sally Hansen top+base coat, I don’t have the problem until the top coat wears off. So with a top-coat great, without one, a little is missing. This is a PERFECT color for spring and early summer, so for fall this will be tucked away until next year 🙂


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