Dupe for OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark

by Holly James
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(This picture is taken with a flash, so the color appears a little different in real life) Hey guys and gals— I don’t do any nail tutorials, but I’ve been getting a little more interested in testing out nail polishes lately, and I HAVE TO TELL YOU I found pretty much an exact dupe for OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. I had gone to a local mall to see if I could pick up some China Glaze, but didn’t find any 🙁 However, I did see a stand of some OPI nail polishes. I didn’t end picking any up because they were a ridiculous $13.00 per bottle! I know I can get a better deal on Ebay, if I have to…

So, I decided to take a stroll down to Shoppers Drug Mart (which is a Canadian drugstore) and I found a Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish called “Deliciously Dark” that I’m sure WAS MADE to dupe Lincoln Park After Dark!!! It has no shimmer, just the darkest purple you can imagine with incredible gloss. I have never been a fan of black nail polish, but OMG, when I put this on my fingers I am in love with it’s sultry sexiness! It has a sort of sophistication to it that is gorgeous for this time of year!

It takes a light two coats of this to get the deep berry purple shade, but the coats actually do dry pretty fast. I had to put a top coat on to prevent from chipping (I am horribly active with my hands… lol!)

***Update— I have now given away the Rimmel version and use the OPI version, because in all honesty, I’d rather fork-out the extra for the cruelty-free version (OPI)
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