How to Change the Shape of Your Eyes with Eyeliner

How to Change the Shape of Your Eyes with Eyeliner : A Beginner Guide

Change the Shape of Your Eyes with Eyeliner

by Holly James
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We love you very much eyeliner, but does it have to be so difficult? We give you all our time and patience, and yet you keep rebelling like an angry teenager, wiggling, tainting and wandering endlessly. So today we’re going to take things to the basics and share innovative tips for eyeliners. These are the tips that helped us greatly improve our tracking, tracing and sliding. All of us have different lips, ears and eyes. In fact, almost all of us have individually unique faces (aside from identical twins- who actually aren’t identical), and that means sometimes you need a specific trick for specific features.

There are several eye shapes and you can have one or a combination of two types (for example, you can have hooded eyes that are also facing down). It is important to know that, regardless of the shape of the eyes, they are all beautiful. Experimenting with different makeup tricks and techniques should be fun and enjoyable for you, as it expands your knowledge on how to best accentuate the individual shape of your eyes. Try anything you want to try. There’s really no limit to what you can create if you feel like playing with your eye makeup. Whether you like to wear bold colors or more natural looks, you can be as creative as you want. 

Today we’re talking about eyeliner and along with the info you can find a video tutorial at the bottom of this post, revealing these techniques in action. 

Eyeliner is one of those things that is totally optional, but is often a staple in every girl’s makeup bag. Almost everyone has, at least, one eyeliner… and usually it’s black. But don’t fool yourself; there are as many different colored types of eyeliner as there are leaves on a tree. The information in this article is for those who want to know the best way to add symmetry to their eye shape and to maximise balance in the face.

These tricks can be used in a layered look, or simply on their own. The basics go as follows: this tutorial is for the plain and simple eyeliner – black or black brown, but you could alter it with a charcoal grey or deep navy (or any neutral shade). The idea of this technique is to change the look of your features slightly to optimize your eyes. If you have bright pink, green, purple or gold eyeliner, it’s not going to look natural therefore defeating the purpose of these tricks. You can also use these eyeliner tricks with eyeshadow by simply applying it wet. The brush I use to smudge out some of the looks would be either a smudge-sponge brush, or pencil brush (or a Q-tip!).

I just wanted to add a little preface by saying-hey, none of us is perfect. If your eyes are a little different, no big deal- these tricks are simply to enhance and add symmetry your eyes whether or not the distance/shape/size is noticeable. Just try them out and see what you like best! If you are still finding your way to makeup product, I would recommend reading this:


Using eyeliner for different eye shapes

How to Change the Shape of Your Wide-Set Eyes with Eyeliner

The first look is for wide-set eyes. The concept behind this look is to draw in your eyes (I mean give the illusion that they are actually closer together). By lining the inner corners, you create a sort of shadow between your eyes, making them appear closer together.

Just remember dark colors usually make things appear closed/ closer together, while lighter colors make things appear more open.

You can usually tell how wide or near your eyes are by comparing the distance between your eyes with the distance from the outer corner of one eye to your hair line- just use your fingers to measure.

Use matte products, as anything that shines or shines will make your eyes look bigger. The darker tones work in your favor and a darker/black pencil on the waterline would be my choice. A dark pencil on the upper lash line, gently mixed with a neutral brown shade to fill the eyelids, is actually a fairly simple and effective solution to minimize bulging eyes. 

(Don’t freak out if your a little uneven, it doesn’t mean you look weird- we’re all a little uneven!)

Close-Set Eyes:

This is basically the opposite effect of the wide-set eyes. Outline the contour of the eyes to make them look wider. Apply black eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line. This will make a big difference to your eyes. By adding eyeliner to the outer corners you are drawing the eyes away from the center of your nose. A movement of eyeliner is a classic way to lengthen the eyes that you would combine with a few individual eyelashes in the outer corner. Keep the inner corners of your eyes clear and fresh: Never take the eyeliner too far away from the outer corners. If you prefer to play with eyeshadow, a cropped crease (which extends just above the crease of the eye and rises) is a fantastic way to give definition. The choice of color is up to you, but still with light shades on the lid and the inner corner.

How to Change the Shape of Your Round Eyes with Eyeliner

The round eyes are large and bright. For round eyeliner, it can be used to improve or even change the shape of the eye. You can use a liquid eyeliner or an eyeliner pencil, but the trick is to create an illusion of extra width by drawing attention to the outer area of the eyes. Start with a line one third of the outer corner of the eye and draw the line just after the outer corner to widen the eyes and create the illusion of an almond shape. 

By adding liner around the top and bottom lids while leaving open the inner corners, makes round eyes appear more elongated and less like white balls. Don’t be afraid to make this a thicker line, especially on the top. Visually line only two-thirds of your eye- leaving the inner corner open.

Small Eyes:

If you have very small eyes, I mean if you have child-like size eyes, I’m afraid thick Amy Winehouse liner is out. But don’t worry. There are still a lot of options for shadowing your eyes, and if you must line your eyes with a dark color, you should use a very thin liner and stay extremely close to your lashes. But remember what I said about “opening up”. Pay special attention to the amount of black you use. A cream/flesh colored pencil on the waterline immediately gives the impression of larger eyes. However, avoid using a white pencil, as it can be too dramatic for the day and tends to look chalky. Your best eyeliner trick is to line your lower and upper (if you can manage) waterlines, with white. The nice thing for this trick is you can even get away with using a shimmery color, like sparkling white or cream-coloured eyeliner. This causes your eye to appear bigger, and give a more “wide-awake” look.

Almond-Shaped Eyes:

If you have almond-shaped eyes: you can try almost any eyeliner look and it will flatter your eyes. To improve the shape, start with a very thin line at the inner corners and then increase the thickness once you reach the outer third of the eye. You can stop there or add a light wing at the end. You can also apply liner to the lower lashes and smudge out the lines for a great night look. If you want, you can definitely pull off a cat-eye look and add some tails to the top lids. You can achieve this with wet shadow, pencil liner or liquid/gel liners. To add dimension to the shape of your eyes, it is recommended using black eyeliner on the upper eyelids and a lighter color under the lower eyelashes. It’s a subtle change that accentuates the color of your eyes. Use lighter eyeliner on the waterline than on the top, as this keeps the eye from looking small. 

Down-turned Eyes

If you have your down-turned eyes, it means that the outer corner of your eye is slightly lower than the inner corner of your eye. The purpose of the eyeliner for downward facing eyes is to lift the eyes. You can do this by adding a small 45-degree strip at the end of the lash line. Simply draw a thin line along the inner corner of the eye and the center of the eye, which gradually thickens as you reach the outer corner of the eye. A slightly upward strip of the lining at the outer corners opens the eyes down. Brighten the inner corners with a bright, shiny pencil and leave the lower lash line free. To determine the length of the line, use the outer corner of the eye and the tip of the eyebrow as a guide. 

How to Change the Shape of Your Hooded Eyes with Eyeliner

If You have hooded eyes, you can make the eyeliner as thick as you want. Main goal is to open eyes and focus on the outer corners, to do this, draw a narrow line one-third on the eye, and then attach a thick vertical wing to the outer corner. An important tip for hooded eyes is to use a quick-drying eyeliner with a precision tip for greater control. It doesn’t make much sense to apply eyeshadow with your eyes closed and then find that it disappears when they are open. Squeezing or applying eyeliner under the upper lashes is a great way to add definition. Gently pull the upper eyelid and apply a gel liner to the waterline – this is also ideal for darkening the roots of the eyelashes. Less is more, so just add a defined eyebrow and some lengthening mascara. 

Fine lines are hard to see when your eyes are open. If you choose a cat’s eye, a thick and elongated wing will give your eyes the best shape and definition. Or you can make your eyes look rounder by making the eyeliner thicker in the center of the eye and thinner at the corners. This creates the illusion of a more curved eye. Just skip the bottom eyeliner that can close your eyes and make them look smaller. 

Monolid Eyes

Those with monolithic eyes have a single eyelid with no definite crease. When it comes to eyeliner for the monolithic shape of the eyes, the best look is a spectacular eyeliner. Use an eyeliner pencil to outline the upper eyelid and then blend the pencil upwards to create a subtle smoke. An important tip is to apply the eyeliner from the inner corner and extend the shape of the wing outward at an upward angle. For the shape of monolithic eyes on the eyeliner, the thicker, the better. 

It is highly recommended a waterproof eyeliner for customers with Monolid eyes. The waterproof eyeliner is waterproof and therefore less likely to stain when opening your eyes or making up the fold of the monolid. Since eyeliner is applied directly to the lash line and can fade or wrinkle under monolithic eyes, liquid gel or long-lasting eyeliners are the best choice. 

For the upturned eyes 

Upturned eyes are very similar to the almond-shaped eyes. They have an oval shape and natural buoyancy on the outer edges. The lower eyelid tends to be more pronounced and appears much longer than the upper eyelid. Therefore, when applying eyeliner, it is crucial to improve the natural symmetry and shape of the eyes. Discover in advance four makeup techniques and looks that can help you find that balance. 

A smoky and fuzzy eyeliner blends very well with the inverted shape, as it highlights the natural shape of the eyes. To achieve a smoky eye look, we recommend using an eyeliner pencil. We love the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Satin Glide eyeliner with mineral pigments because it glides effortlessly over the eyes and is super moldable. Start by feeding the upper and lower lash line. Then apply a thicker line to the outer corners of the lash line and use a small brush to blend the edges. When you focus the smoke effect on the outer corners, the natural improvement of the shape of your eyes is emphasized. 

The Best Eyeliner Brands of 2022

How to Change the Shape of Your Eyes with Eyeliner
How to Change the Shape of Your Eyes with Eyeliner

Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner Pen

When it comes to Clinique it can do no wrong and this liquid eyeliner is no exception. Clinique’s eyeliner pen produces a clear line in a constant sweep. The sharp and precise brush paints pure and deep colours from fine to coarse. 24-hour smudge and budge-resistant wear. From a spectacular wing to a simple line, the versatility of Liquid Liner is a big draw, especially for Keiko. “I love that you can create so much drama with just one product instead of creating a smoky eye that requires all its brushes, foundation and lots of shadow options. Pretty Easy liquid eyeliner pencil, for its ease of use. If you can use a pen, you can use this eyeliner. It’s very easy because the tip moves with the contour of the eye so you can hold your hand and run it along the lash line. it’s safe for sensitive eyes (no parabens and ophthalmologists tested), stays awake for 24 hours (no running or staining), and comes in black or brown is available. 

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Longwear Liquid Eyeliner

The Flyliner Longwear liquid eyeliner is your new all-purpose eyeliner for eyeliner and offers everything you expect from eyeliner and much more. Experience the vibrancy of a liquid’s clear color and the glide of a gel in a durable, water-resistant formula that dries quickly and doesn’t fade or transfer until you say when. With a smart triangle shape that makes it easy to hold, Flyliner is an eye-opening drama, stress-free. It all comes down to the super-flexible felt tip, an exclusive innovation of Fenty Beauty eyeliner that allows a uniform and uninterrupted flow of ink from every angle. In other words? An oversaturated satin finish with each pass, without dragging, jumping or retreating steps. Rihanna even perfected Flyliner’s precision tapered tip for all eye shapes, with an extra-long, flexible tip designed for maximum versatility. Creates fine lines, thick stripes and everything in between. This is a limitless liner at its best. 

KIKO MILANO – Precision Eyeliner 

Kiko liquid eyeliner with felt applicator. It is a long-lasting eyeliner. Ultra-defined line thanks to the fast drying time. The practical felt applicator makes this type of eyeliner extremely easy to use, even for those whose hand is not as firm. The plastic-like texture easily adheres to the eyelid for an extra black, shiny and shiny effect. Eyeliner Black is water-based, paraben-free and easy to remove. All KIKO Milano makeup products undergo careful and thorough clinical testing to produce hypoallergenic products that are ophthalmologically tested and formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. The products are non-comedogenic and of the highest quality 


Kiko liquid eyeliner with felt applicator. It is a long-lasting eyeliner. Ultra-defined line thanks to the fast drying time. The practical felt applicator makes this type of eyeliner extremely easy to use, even for those whose hand is not as firm. The plastic-like texture easily adheres to the eyelid for an extra black, shiny and shiny effect. Eyeliner Black is water-based, paraben-free and easy to remove. All KIKO Milano makeup products undergo careful and thorough clinical testing to produce hypoallergenic products that are ophthalmologically tested and formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. The products are non-comedogenic and of the highest quality 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Long-Lasting Eye Liner 

This durable and highly pigmented eyeliner comes with an ultra-fine bristle brush for professional use.

A range of colourful, ultra-pigmented and waterproof eyeliners with matte, glossy and shiny finishes that can be worn for up to 12 hours. These classic eyeliners offer rich, bright colors with just one stroke.

You can visit this beauty supermarket to buy more expensive brands, but the homonymous line of the store that has proven itself in this review. The Sephora Collection’s long-lasting 12-hour eyeliner was our best choice for liquids. It earned the best performance rating for six hours in our test and produced the desired coating look that our consumer testers wanted. “It’s easy to put on, it’s not very wet, so it’s hard to make mistakes, and it stays on all day without blurring,” said one volunteer. And it’s a real treat for color lovers and make-up experts: the line offers 13 extensive shades. 

Cat Eye For Dummies Makeup Tutorial

There you go ladies! If you don’t know what shape eyes you have, or you don’t really fit into any category, try them all out- maybe you’re suited for any of them! You ultimately decide what goes on your face, so do what makes you happy!

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