Swatch Watch: Wet n Wild Mega Glo

by Holly James
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Wet N Wild Mega GloWet N’ Wild Mega Glo Cream Blush swatch in Rosy
Wet N’ Wild always seems like a toss-up to me, I mean, I find some of their products pigmented, and some totally crappy— for example their makeup remover… (bluuaaagh?! It burned my eyes out!)
Then, you have the products that aren’t too-too bad, but are definitely not the best, such as what I found with their cream blush.
This was way too greasy!!!!  If you go veeeeery minimal with it, and apply it with a stippling brush, it can LOOK nice. It’s what you pay for in this case— which was about $1.50… I have the feeling this might cause breakouts, being that it’s just super-uber thick. Have you guys tried any of these?

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