review the body shop body butters

Review: The Body Shop Body Butters

by Holly James
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Here is a breakdown of my current Body Shop Body Butter collection.

My current, yet growing collection of Body Butters…

Other Body Butters I have used, but don’t have in the picture are Cocoa Butter, Hemp, Vitamin E, and Sweet Lemon.

I will give you a quick run-down of the Body Butters left to right in the picture first, and then a little bit about the other Body Butters I have tried.

1. Coconut Body Butter:
Coconut Body Butter seems to be a major summer favorite. It is rich and creamy (meant for normal to dry skin) and smells of tropical coconut oil.

2. Brazil Nut Body Butter:
Brazil Nut Body Butter is definitely an old favorite. It’s been around for years and has a perfect mix of nutty sweetness. It smells really yummy if you’re a fan of scents like vanilla. This Body Butter is meant for dry skin, but it doesn’t leave as much of a greasy after feel such as the Coconut Body Butter.  It’s very creamy, very rich and very yummy! (This always sells out quickly, it seems, so I doubled up)

3. Shea Body Butter:
This is one of my personal favorites. It is very rich, very creamy, and does leave a little oily after feel. The smell is hard to describe, but it is very unisex–almost spicy– but very neutral. It is very buttery and feels so soft when rubbed into the skin. This is perfect for dry skin.

4. Strawberry Body Butter:
This one Body Butter I grew to love and obsess about! It smells like sugared strawberries, which at first I didn’t love, but after trying it on my skin I loved it’s texture. It’s like a whipped strawberries and cream moisturizer. This Body Butter is meant for normal skin. (You can tell I really love this one— I have two!)

5. Pink Grapefruit Body Butter:
This Body Butter I remember being obsessed with when I was around 14-17 years old, though I know this one is a favorite for all ages. It really smells of freshly-squeezed pink grapefruit, so if you are a lover of acidic fruits, you will probably love using Pink Grapefruit Body Butter. Some will find it too sharp for their noses, but most love the youthful fresh smell.  As for me, I prefer this Body Butter during summer and occasionally during spring. The texture is a light whipped cream, that is meant for normal skin and applies without a greasy feeling.

6. Aloe Body Butter:
One of my all-time loved Body Butters. This is part of the Aloe skin care line from the Body Shop, and is designed for sensitive skin. No added fragrance, color and preservatives make this Body Butter famous for its practicality. I love it for after-sun care and find it gentle enough to use everywhere (even my face!). A great choice for those who appreciate the simple things in life.

7. Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter:
This Body Butter is part of the Body Shops select fragrance Body Butters. The best way to describe the fragrance is a fresh-fruity-floral. It’s not over-powering in smell, which is nice for those who love light fragrances. The Body Butter is meant for all skin types, and it’s texture is sort of light and fluffy. Despite not being heavy, it is very moisturizing (non-greasy).

8. Satsuma Body Butter:
This is probably the most loved Body Butter. It is the smell of freshly squeezed Mandarin oranges. It’s sweet and citrusy and seems to appeal to most people. The smell is quite powerful and is noticed by many once on the skin. It is designed for normal skin and the texture is a little less thick than the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter.

9. Buriti Baby Body Butter:
(Pronounced Bar-eech-y) Buriti Body Butter is literally one of my top choices for Body Butters. It is designed for babies, and pediatrician approved, but it has one of the most unique textures found in the Body Shop’s collection of Body Butters. The scent is basic, clean and simple. Those who are fans of clean towels or laundry-freshness will like the smell of Buriti Body Butter (even those who don’t, will appreciate the simplicity of the smell). The texture is a weightless fluffy soft cream that spreads over the skin like a dream and doesn’t leave any sort of greasy after feel. Simply wonderful. Oh, and it has no preservatives either.

10. Almond Body Butter:
One of Body Shops BIGGEST mistakes (in my honest opinion) was discontinuing this gem of a Body Butter. It smells like almond cookies… baked to perfection. It is quite an oily Body Butter, but it is a perfect for normal to dry skin. Especially great for dry elbows, knees and hands, I have been scrimping and saving this Body Butter for only special occasions. I think I will literally cry when I run out. PLEASE BODY SHOP! Bring back Almond Body Butter!

11. Olive Body Butter:
This is a non-greasy Body Butter, that smells (to me) of freshly cut cucumbers. It’s light and clean– again a quality pick for those who love simple clean smells. It’s a nice creamy texture and spreads very nicely. Meant for normal to dry skin, the Olive Body Butter really doesn’t get enough credit!

12. Cocoa Butter Body Butter:
A chocolatey fave, it’s a thick creamy Body Butter that is meant to restore skins elasticity, so does leave an oily sheen on the skin. Love the feeling of this Body Butter, it’s very decadent and your skin will smell oh-so-delicious after using this Cocoa-Buttery moisturizer. Yum.

13. Hemp Body Butter:
Again one of my all-time faves, though you wouldn’t think so, since it doesn’t have a sweet smell. It smells of patchouli, a heavy woodsy scent. The texture is one that is totally amazing, it is meant for extremely dry skin, so you’d think it would be very oily, but it’s not. It’s very dense in the container and an un-greasy uber-moisturizer! It instantly makes the skin feel like silk. I dont’ love the smell, but on cold winter days, this is the one I go for! It’s really a luxurious treatment for the skin.

14. (Wow! 14 already?!) Vitamin E Body Butter:
The Vitamin E Body Butter was a nice surprise for me, since I don’t really favor the ‘rose-water’ scent it has. It’s not terrible, just not my first choice when it comes to smells. The Vitamin E is again from a skin-care line, and it’s no wonder. The texture is not buttery and thick, but moisturizes as if it was. It applied very velvety and you can feel instant smoothness to the skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.

15. Sweet Lemon Body Butter:
This is the newest addition to The Body Shop’s Body Butters. For me, it is a blossomy lemon that really expresses it’s scent when in contact with the skin. It’s sort of like lemon meringue pie filling. Love this one. It is for normal to dry skin, and is a little greasy. It is a medium texture, a little more smooth than for example, Satsuma Body Butter. If you like Satsuma, you’ll probably like the Sweet Lemon.


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