mass boycotting of coastal scents on youtube

Mass Boycotting of Coastal Scents on Youtube

by Holly James
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 So just a few days ago, Coastal released a new product on their site. 100% genuine Mink eyelashes. Part of the upsell of this product is mentioning the fact that the celebrities use mink lashes. At first glance, I thought… who the heck cares if they’re mink? What is wrong with faux hair. Or, human haired ones? I, like all makeup lovers wear the occassional false lashies every once in a while. It wasn’t until futher investigation and watching a few youtube videos, in particular saywhatcuteface18 that I thought more seriously about this subject. I am not able to embed this video, but as a warning if you click on the link—-it is quite graphic.

I wouldn’t have purchased the lashes being sold on CS, but I hadn’t totally considered boycotting their company, as they said these mink hairs were obtained in a cruelty free way. Now most of the time, we take companies word as far as the cruelty free thing goes, because in this day and age, it’s looked down on if it comes out that a company has tested/abused animals to make a product. From a business stand-point, I think this was one of the stupidest moves Coastal Scents could have made. Because even if they remove this product from their site, it will remain in customers minds, forever marring their image as “good ol’ CS”.

I vocally choose not to purchase from CS again, because even if they had assumed the mink hairs were obtained naturally, they should have done their homework and thought a little more about what impact this would have on their customers. Not to mention the fact that CS has been known for their bargain makeup– I mean who the heck would pay $50.00 for any kind of lashes????

The whole thing has put a bad taste in my mouth about their business practice. A lot of people don’t know this, but the most popular items purchased from Coastal Scents, are definitely not made by them. I have nothing against those who deal with wholesalers or do a private label company— I mean hey… MAC palettes are bought wholesale and made in Indonesia. It’s not uncommon for even the most loved and popular brands. But sometimes you have to draw the line, and unfortunately CS missed that memo.

What do you guys think? Will you still buy from Coastal Scents, or do you feel strongly enough to boycott their products… I mean after all, everything sold by CS can be found on eBay for a cheaper price.

Let me know what your opinion is 🙂


**********AUG 22/09 UPDATE**********
Since I wrote this post I’ve had several comments, which I have chosen not to post here about how I’m being hypocritical regarding this subject. Firstly, I do my best to choose products that are not tested on animals. I have only become more aware of this subject the past 8 months. I will admit that I use animal haired brushes and probably have some cosmetics in my collection right now that are made by companies who practice testing on animals. I am slowly, but surely ferreting out the products that I am aware are tested on animals and will not/choose not to purchase from them again, such as Cover Girl. I never said I was an animal activist and I am not a member of a group such as PETA, but I do, however have a deep love of animals— ALL animals— and am focusing my efforts to purchase more humane/animal friendly brands. So if you think I’m hypocritical, that’s fine. I don’t need to answer to anyone else but myself on moral or controversial matters such as this one. As far as why I choose not to purchase from Coastal Scents in particular, it’s because it was a blatant change in their image as far as what I was aware of. When I found out Cover Girl tested on animals, I decided to look into, and sure enough they do. I have some Cover Girl products, but they were purchased before that shift of knowledge. Like I said, I don’t plan on buying any more Cover Girl products from now on, however.

To the persons that left these comments: if you are very passionate about this subject, then maybe you should invest your efforts in supporting a cause, such as PETA, rather than judging me on my personal decisions/ actions involving this particular matter. Regardless, thank you for taking the time out to share your opinion…

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