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Swatch Watch: MAC Blushes pt. 1 – Beautynewbie

by Holly James
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Okay, so I have been on this maaaajor kick lately swatching stuff like crazy. I don’t really know why– but I realize how much you guys love swatches and how helpful  (well at least I feel this way) they are when making purchasing decisions. So I hope you guys are good with an overload of swatches?

Love you guys 😀

So just did a min-min collective haul the past few weeks, so I’ll be posting up more stuff when I have time to swatch them, but for now, I made an order on the MAC pro site, which I haven’t in a very long time. I finally decided to pick up Dollymix blush… then I grabbed up Strada because it’s a great shading blush for contouring… then… *sigh*, well this is what happened:

MAC blush swatches

Left to right:
Strada (matte), which is  STILL available on the MAC pro site (I’ve heard others say it’s not to be found anywhere), Cantaloupe (matte; pro shade), Margin (which is like a shimmery version of Cantaloupe), Dollymix (satin) and Salsarose (matte; I know this looks really scary in shade, but if you go light you get a beautiful flushed look).

Out of the 5 I have hear I would say to either skip Cantaloupe or Margin, because they are so similar (it really just comes down to if you want shimmer or prefer mattes), or you could do what I did and have two different textures– I find that Margin provides a more sun-kissed look… Personally I think the blushes I chose were as a good color range to start with : 1 contour color, two peach (one matte one shimmer), two pinks/reds (one matte, one shimmer).


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