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Inexpensive Way to Label Your Makeup Palettes!

by Holly James
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Here is a really cheap way to label your makeup palettes. I like this look instead of round stickers, because there is less space taken up on the back of the palettes… I don’t know… is that OCD? LOL

Anywho, all I did was print off a regular table made with Word, on a sheet of sticker-paper (bought at the dollar store). I chose size 10 for text and made the height of the table space 1 inch— I really just eye-balled it, but that’s what it works out to.

Then I took packing tape and taped the top of the paper in strips, so that if shadow got on the labels I could easily wipe it away without staining the paper. Then I cut them out and went a stickin’!

Eh Voila! The finished look!This helps when you have a lot of palettes in your collection, and/OR if you’re a working MUA– palettes are always a lot easier to travel/work with than the single pots, and labeling them can help you when creating and recreating looks.

Here’s a Quad I also made for my own personal Fave Smokey look!


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