beautynewbie turned interior decorator

Beautynewbie turned…. Interior Decorator?

by Holly James
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I just wanted to pop in and let you know why I haven’t posted any vids or posts lately. My family and I are moving into a new place, and it’s got some MAJOR work to be done (it was previously occupied by 6 university guys, who apparently don’t know how to clean). I spent my birthday (May 3rd) stripping paint off of tile, cleaning cob-webs gallore etc. and everyday since I’ve done some reno-work. I’m working on the kitchen right now, removing all the cupboards, sanding down the doors and I’ll be painting tomorrow! It’s a LOT of work, and it’s been keeping me from my makeup-love….but I get to stretch my other passion for interior decorating through this exhausting process, so it’s ALL GOOD.

I am still keeping track of the comments you guys are making for the contest, which still ends on MAY 15th, so keep them coming! I’m totally sorry I haven’t posted anything new in the last week. I have tons of swatches and reviews that I have saved on my computer to be posted, so please be patient. I’ll try to have a few new posts up this weekend, and if I can, I will finally post my April Faves on my Youtube channel 🙂

Lots and lots of xox’s,


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