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Review: The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub

by Holly James
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I have finally used up my entire Mango body scrub, which was purchased about two weeks ago (I faithfully use exfoliators… probably more than I should).
The Mango products from The Body Shop are generally VERY moisturizing, so this scrub definitely leaves an oily after-feel, which depending on your preference, you may love or hate. I am kind of in the middle. First off, the smell is fantastic— it’s like a very fresh non-artificial mango scent. If you like anything tropical, you’re probably going to love the mango scent for sure. The scrub itself is made with mango seed oil, organic soya oil, salt and organic sugar. Because of it’s base, I figured it would be an extremely intense scrub. However, it’s a lot more gentle then I anticipated.  I figured because it had salt and sugar that it would be more grainy, but I think whatever grainy-ness there is, is softened majorly by the oils in the scrub. I tried using exfoliator gloves, which helped, but if there was too much product on the gloves (you only need a bit with this stuff)  it would create a smooth oily-type of layer on the glove and would basically slip all over the place. That probably isn’t very clear, LOL. Basically for this scrub I LOVED the smell and thought the exfoliation was average, depending on how rough you like to exfoliate. It definitely doesn’t strip the skin of moisture, because once the initial scrub is washed off, there is definitely moisturized feeling. Using this, you might even be able to skip a moisturizer. If you were going to moisturize, I would probably skip the thicker moisturizers (like the body butters) and go for something more thin, like the Milk Body Lotions. If you have extremely dry skin (which is what this is geared for) it would be one of the best exfoliators to choose that The Body Shop has to offer.
I personally don’t have dry skin, so I didn’t pick it based on skin type, like you should. I bought this one because I am seriously addicted to the smell!!!! hahaha.

Overall, based on my personal preference of an exfoliator and what I like for my skin it wasn’t my all-time fave, but I still really liked it. For people with very dry skin, this would probably do wonders for you 🙂

I have three exfoliator reviews coming up, so if you’re like me and exfoliate obsessively (LOL!) stay tuned 🙂
Til next time Beauties 🙂

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