Swatch Watch: NYX Round Lipsticks

by Holly James
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NYX Round Lipsticks in: Summerlove, Circe, Honey, Iris, Darling, Thalia, Fig, Jupiter, Margarita, Femme, Doll

I have to say, looking at the base of the lipsticks, it appears I bought a lot of nude/nudish colors this time around…. I’m not quite sure if I am going to keep all of them. However, I definitely understand why Thalia is a NYX favorite! It’s so feminine and seems to suit a lot of skin tones. I also really like Fig, although it’s a little too bright for day wear. As far as my fave nude color goes…. well… I can’t really decide between Honey, Circe or Iris.
They are all extremely pigmented, except maybe Jupiter which seems more sheer (even though I think it should apply more creamy and thick). The colors are outstanding that’s for sure!They are definitely a steal of a deal at only $1.75 on Cherryculture.com
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