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Buy Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes for WHOLESALE Prices

by Holly James
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DO NOT BUY THESE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKEThis is what I wrote before I realized they were “Bobbi” brown brushes. You get it? I didn’t right away. But anyways:Hey Gals,I just wanted to let you guys know a huge bargain alert:NOT!Original Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes 18 piece set for only$55.00 US?????(For Canada including shipping it’s $78.12 CA)In Canadian dollars that’s less than $4.34 per brush?????How could I be so stupid….Here is the ebay link:DONT BUY THIS THINKING IT’S BOBBI BROWN!Bobbi 18 piece cosmetic brush setDONT BUY THIS THINKING IT’S BOBBI BROWN!The lesson of the day? If it sounds to good to be true, maybe it isn’t… but is it what you think it is? Or is there a play on words, to confuse and maim you? hmmm… just better to starve and get the real thing, I suppose.xoxAt least the books aren’t too expensive:

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