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Benefit BAD Gal Mascara Vs. Maybelline Colossal & Great Lash BIG – Beautynewbie

by Holly James
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I have always been a fan of the Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express, ever since it made it’s appearance in drugstores in Canada. Soon following in it’s footsteps came the launch of Maybelline’s revamped version of their classic Great Lash Mascara with the big teddy-bear wand… the new Great Lash “BIG”. And today, finally picked up Benefit BAD Gal Lash after finding it hiding on it’s own at a local drugstore!
Ooh! It was an exciting find– like buried treasure!
I have to admit… the Benefit mascara is the most I’ve EVER paid for a mascara, at $26 CA it’s a very pricey. Though the bottle looks much larger, there isn’t any more product in the bottle compared to the others. They are each about .3 oz, give or take a little.

I’ve taken some pictures to show you the difference between the wands of each, the BAD Gal wand is definitely the largest, and I was quite shocked to see it’s size compared to my other teddy-bear sized wands.

In person, there is a noticeable difference between each wand, though I find that the shape of BAD Gal Lash and Great Lash BIG are more similar than the Colossal Express.

For experimenting on the application and quality of the formula, I applied each mascara to bare lashes (no primer) without curling them to see how well the mascara curled, lengthened and thickened my lashes.

  • Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara 
    • This formula is very similar to the regular Great Lash mascara— it doesn’t clump too much because it’s a fairly thin consistency. You have to be careful with the drying time, so you don’t smear your mascara before it sets. It doesn’t provide very much lift on it’s own, and after a few minutes the “lift” or curl of your lashes may fall flat. Does provide a more natural-looking lash.
  • Maybelline Colossal Volulm’ Express Mascara
    • This formula does provide a bit more holding action than the Great Lash BIG, though when the mascara gets a little closer to “throw-out” time, it does tend to be more clumpy. It seems to hold an average curl on it’s own and works best with a curler. Despite that, the bristles are slightly different than a classic mascara wand and are very good for “wiggling” your mascara, without any sharp eye-pokes. Provides a little more definition than the Great Lash BIG.
  • Benefit BAD Gal Mascara 
    • This formula provides a good hold for curl, and on the first application I noticed that right off. Without curling, this formula helps provide a lash-lift. It still provided an even application and provided a natural-looking, but dramatic result to my lashes. I feel like my lashes appeared fuller, or at least that I have more lashes. As far as lengthening I didn’t notice too much of a dramatic difference between this and the Colossal. Having said that… in all honesty I LOVE this mascara, it doesn’t leave my lashes feeling “crunchy” or hard, like the Colossal sometimes does— even when I go up to 4 coats!

Verdict? All the mascaras talked about work very well. In fact I don’t dislike any of them. They each are comparable in different ways, but the prices vary, Great Lash being the cheapest at around $6, Colossal being in the middle at around $8-$9, while the BAD Gal is a staggering $26.
Here’s the truth, I have spent well over a $100 dollars on mascaras this year alone, only to throw out most of them from disappointment. I have always fallen back on my Colossal, but there are still things about it that do get a little annoying with time, like heavy lashes, clumping and flaking. I’m obviously still searching for the right mascara out there for me, so…on goes the purchase war. LOL.
Right now, I feel like the BAD Gal mascara was worth the purchase, but as for re-purchasing and making it a staple, only time will tell. If it flakes out in a month, then it’s a no-go and I’ll stick to less-expensive mascaras.

Have any of you guys tried the Benefit BAD Gal Mascara?
If not, tell me– what is your all-time FAVORITE mascara and why?

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