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Billie Cosmetics (Dollar Store Brand) NEON PINK NAILPOLISH

by Holly James
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Billie Cosmetics nail polish in Neon PinkI really have no idea, where the heck you can find this regularly, but I picked this up last Halloween season at a local Dollar Store. There was yellow, green and black, but this is the only one that I liked enough to give it a good shot. I paid a dollar for it, and trust me, this is no OPI dupe… it takes 2-3 coats to make the color opaque and then a clear coat on top to make it super shiny (it dries to a muted shine). However, I don’t mind the extra work, since I don’t wear neon pink nails too frequent, but when I do, I always get asked what nail polish this is! Since this year has sprouted trends like neon-everything, for a dollar you can’t go wrong.

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