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Review: Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar by LUSH – Beautynewbie

by Holly James
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Lush Pop In Bath Bubble BarAlrighty ladies! This is the remnants of my most recent bubble bar experience: Pop in the Bath. I have to say, I LOVED THIS BUBBLE BAR! I truly did. It had a nice citrusy-floral-sparkly-relaxing-stimulating quality (LOL). It also went a LONG way on the bubble factor, which made me super happy, since some bubble bars leave me feeling flat… or at least the bath water….
I wonder sometimes, “why call them BUBBLE bars?“But this guy…. oooh! He captured my heart. There is a cheerful aroma to this bubble bar, since there are definite notes of orange blossom and citrus. Whatever is in this one, will win you over. It makes you feel clean, happy and sexy… all in one bath.While Lush is nowhere near inexpensive, this bubble bar is $5.75 CA which is priced a little better than others. And don’t be deceived by the size– you can safely get a load of bubbles from 1/2 or even 1/4 of this bubble bar.

I heard a great tip the other day about using one of those mini graters to grate little shavings of your bubble bars into the bath to make them last longer—I might hit up the dollar store and pick one up for my next bubble bar excursion (which “Pop in the Bath” will be repurchased, lol).


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