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Lately I’ve done some serious hauling… like… some seriously serious hauling…. O_O

Since working at the Body Shop, I’ve really taken advantage of my employee discount…I may have been even a little too eager with splurging…. lol
I absolutely LOVE everything that I bought. Of course I got to try most of the things before purchase, so for the skin care line, I already knew what line I was going to get (as you can see I picked mostly Seaweed) 🙂

I’m going to do a more detailed review on the products but I’m probably going to review the makeup in an upcoming video first, and then if you guys would like me to start reviewing bath and body and skincare products (basically other beauty stuffs in general lol) leave a comment and let me know?

I’ve always been a fan of body products, and I love brands like Lush and The Body Shop, but never really got into skin/body care on my vids… so yeah… I also don’t know if you guys actually like to see hauls or not…
because it seems a lot of viewers LOVE them, but then others HATE them… what do you think? What do you prefer?

I am taking the safe route first and trying it out on my bloggity blog here first 🙂

So— here’s what I got, in no particular order (though if you click on the image you’ll be able to get a way better close up of what’s in here, and possibly even read what the products says lol!)

*Mango Body Scrub
*Honey Shampoo
*Honey Conditioner
*Brazil Nut Body lotion
*Guarana Shampoo
*Guarana Conditioner
*Body scrub brush
*Mattifying Seaweed day cream
*SPF 15 Seaweed lotion
*Seaweed toner
*Seaweed cleanser
*Carrot cream moisturizer
*Waterproof makeup remover
*Macadamia nut straightening balm
*Vanilla lotion
*Black Velvet Apricot body butter
*Dewberry shower gel
*Intense moisture Vitamin E
*Seaweed exfoliator (face scrub)
*Lipstick in Soft Heather
*Lipstick in Clover Pink
*Satsuma soap
*Lipgloss in Pale Pink
*Vitamin E eye cream
*Pink Grapefruit soap
*Eyeshadow in Pistachio (the green blue)
*Eyeshadow in Chocolate (brown)
*Eye shimmer in Copper (OMG sooo fricken gorgeous— very similar to MAC’s Vanilla pigment!)
*Vitamin E face mist

And a few more items I grabbed today:

*Holiday Eye and Cheek palette in 02 (This is absolutely GORGEOUS for everyday!!!!)
*Vanilla perfume
*Fuzzy Peach shower gel
*Grapeseed hair serum
*Sheer lip shine in Sheer Pink (these are similar to MACs slimshines, but I find these more like a shiny balmy lip product— les lipstick-y)
*Elderflower Eye Gel

And yeah! So that was my Body Shop haul, I’ll definitely do some reviews on the products including the skin care line etc 🙂


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