review revlon colorstay lipstick

Review: Revlon Colorstay Lipstick

by Holly James
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 I was really hesitant to try these, since I absolutely hated (!!!!!!) the Revlon Colorstay lipgloss. However, these lent a very nice surprise after the first use. First, the lipstick feels soft and almost balm like on the lips. When it settles and dries, the color actually lasts quite a long time. It doesn’t feel like there is a horrible wax left on the lips- in fact my lips were quite comfortable wearing this product. You can apply a lipgloss (please NOT the Revlong Colorstay kind) on top to give a nice shine to the color, and once that wears off, there will still be color to your lips from your first application of the Colorstay lipstick. The smell isn’t fantastic, but it’s not bad, and it sure as heck doesn’t taste nearly as bad as the Colorstay lipgloss. I actually really like these! I picked very soft colors since I wanted to be safe. The swatches below are a little washed out from the flash though (so just keep that in mind). The swatches are on the bottom.
Top: Tender Pink Bottom: Natural Cashmere


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