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Hard Candy! Fave Bronzer Swatch Hula Hula

by Holly James
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Hard Candy’s Hula Hula Bronzer

So this was in my faves for last years picks for 2010, I’ll be doing a new one shortly (along with a givvvvveaway *wink), but I realized I never uploaded the Swatch for Hard Candy Hula Hula. Now, this bronzer really is meant to give a glow. I wouldn’t use this to contour or add shadow to the face, but this I use on the cheek bones for that true sun-kissed appearance. I have used this year round and it’s such a good buy! It’s not the only bronzer I use, but it’s definitely the MOST used. The one think I like about this bronzer that I find hard to balance in other bronzers, is that it’s got a sheen when you apply it– so it’s definitely not matte but it’s also NOT sparkly.

If you haven’t figured out… this is a RAVE review! 🙂

It’s super cheap and you can find it at your local drugstore/Walmart!


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