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In Class: Goth Makeup

by Holly James
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Beauty  ***You do not have permission to copy or distribute this photoI loved watching The Craft as a teen, but I never quite ventured into the Goth style myself, however, I was super surprised and excited when we had a class on it! I’ll admit, I kinda funked-up the eyes, but the over picture turned out really nicely. It’s definitely a genre I’m going to practice a little more, since there is a lot of creative options you can go with Goth. I had fun with the hat and collar that I got from a local shop for dressing up my model, who pulled the look together.
My teacher let me in on a great tip when I was having problems with the eyeshadow– she said to make the lips really defined and as perfect as possible, and that it may balance out the look. I think it was great advice, because it really helps the end result.

I’m thinking I’m going to do a goth makeup tutorial video, since I’ve NEVER done one, and I wanted to ask, who are some of your favorite Goth gals in movies? Anyone I can draw inspiration from?

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