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Talking Clothes! Online Bonanzaaaaaaaa!

by Holly James
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Okay, so I don’t ever do fashion hauls or Outfit of the Days, but I was recently in the market for some back to school stuff. Now, I’m not going to turn this into a fashion blog, but I did want to share some of the goodies I ordered and share some sites I like to buy from for us curvy-girls (and skinny minis too!).  I’ve also bought a few things as a Christmas gift to myself from (shhhh… ) MAC! But that’s for another post :)One of the best sites I have found (of course its American, since Canadians haven’t quite got on the band-wagon of decently priced clothing sites) is Alloy.com. I’ve only ordered from them once before, but I got a really cute stretchy jean dress, a little black dress, some totally sexy heels and some blouses. They always have a MASSSSSIVE clearance section (I’m a bargain buyer in pretty much every area of life hahhaa), and most of it is decent quality. Definitely on par with Forever21 and such (though Forever21 doesn’t fit all sizes– BOO!).  Alloy also always has tons of cute shoes, but some of the shoes I like, I’ve found on Ebay cheaper. Here are some of the jeans I ordered (after carefully reading the reviews):Piper skinny-jean from Alloy.com  (makes your but look good apparently?)The Trouser Jean from Alloy.com (great for curvy body)I also ordered some boots, because I’ve not worn heels on a regular basis for so long, I dunno…. Do you guys ever get a craving to just vamp-up your style? I feel like ever since I gained weight I’ve kinda lacked in the style department, which shouldn’t, since there’s lots of clothing that you can get for larger sizes. I range from a size 11-13 (usually 13) though I wish I was a 9 or 10. C’est la Vie. Anywhoooo… I’m totally rambling.The Taupe Cullen boot from Alloy.comAnother place I like to shop is Delias.com. I’ve known about this site for 10 years. Wow. I used to order more when I was younger (I used to get catalogs when I was 14 from the States). God, the time flies. I have a feeling that Alloy.com and Delia.com are sister sites, because the packaging and order system is almost identical. There are a few notable differences though, like Delia’s is more youthful (for example you can’t buy high heels, but you can get a LOT of sneakers). Every time I browse around the site, I feel like a teen. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can get some really great deals, and I think they have sizes up to 15, so that’s good too.In general I love to buy shoes from Ebay (and pretty much everything else there too), and when I was shopping around for some skinny jeans— my first set of skinny jeans since the early 90’s… LOL. I found these awesome boots on Alloy. I know some Twilight fans will freak when I tell you they’re called “CULLEN” boots. Bahahhaa.The Dark Brown Cullen boot from CoolShoesMDAnyways, they’re $56.90US on the Alloy site (they are pleather) I found them on Ebay for $32.50… even with the shipping it was cheap in Canadian. CoolShoesMD is the seller I bought them from (and P.S. they have TONS MORE stylish and cheaply priced shoes). I got mine in the dark brown.Anywho, what are some good online places you guys like to shop for clothes? Do you buy clothes online, or are you too afraid to get the wrong size?Please share if you have any good online sites (and if you know of any Canadian sites… I think I might just keel over from excitement)

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