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The Body Shop Delipscious Swatches – Beautynewbie

by Holly James
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The Body Shop Delipscious Swatches: 01 Lychee, 02 Toffee, 03 Watermelon, 04 Sheer Candy, 05 Sheer Elderberry, 08 Sheer Saffron, 09 Sheer Pomegranate

Going through my collection and looking for things to swatch, I found my ever-awesome Delipsciouses!

So I don’t know why, but there is no #6, and I actually don’t have #7 Sheer Raspberry, but I love 1-5 the most anyway. They are sweet smelling, and actually have blueberry and pomegranate oils in them so they actually taste a little sweet too. They are made of all food-ingredients, which is nice, if you like natural products. I LOVE these for everyday wear. They are like lip-balmy lipsticks. If you like MAC’s Slimshine lipsticks, you’d probably love these. I am addicted to MAC’s Slimshine in Gentle Simmer, as I am addicted to Lychee from the Delipcious collection– it gives me a nice and natural nude-y pink lip that I can pull off with any look. The downfall to the Delipscious’ is that they do wear off like a lip balm would, so you do have to reapply. But, since they are so smooth and forgiving, it’s not a problem.

They are a little cheaper than MAC’s Slimshines at $12.00


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