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Swatch: Wet N’ Wild Blushes

by Holly James
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Swatches: Wet N’ Wild Blush Heather Silk and Pearlescent Pink So the pigmentation is awesome on these blushes, but to be completely honest– the fallout drives me fricken crazy!!!! I did end up fixing them by spraying a pressing medium from TKB and mixing it with about 2/3 of alcohol, and now they’re not powdery at all. If you don’t have a pressing medium… you will definitely have to be careful about spreading your brush around (DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT SWIRL!!!), because you will end up picking up waaaay too much product. I LOVE them now that I’ve fixed the fallout problem, but then again… why should I have to fix the product in order to be able to use it? I have mixed feelings on this product… but the shades are beautiful, that’s for sure. I think that ELF beats out Wet N’ Wild hands down here.
What about you guys? What Wet N’ Wild stuff do you love, hate, never tried????


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