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Swatch Watch: The Body Shop Baked Mineral Duos – Beautynewbie

by Holly James
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******These are BRAND NEW and PERMANENT!!***

All pictures were taken in a bright room, with zero flash. Some of the pictures are off a little (you can tell by my skin color) but the shadows (especially on the first picture) are very accurate, as are the swatches.

Okay, so these… are fricken’ BEEEE-autiful. Seriously. My favorites are the purple (Amethyst), the blue dark shade (Sapphire) and the green dark shade (Sage). Actually I like all the dark shades that have the glittery marbling. One of my go-to’s is Moonstone, because it’s so simple, but so pretty!
Ready for swatches? I think so:

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Copper, Moonstone, Jade, Quartz, Sage, Starlight, Sapphire, Amethyst

OMG. Makeup porn.

Swatch: The Body Shop Sapphire Baked ShadowSwatch: The Body Shop Amethyst Baked Shadow —holy crap this is gorgeous!Swatch: The Body Shop Quartz Baked ShadowSwatch: The Body Shop Starlight Baked ShadowSwatch: The Body Shop Copper Baked ShadowSwatch: The Body Shop Sage Baked Shadow —look at that dark green!Swatch: The Body Shop Moonstone Baked ShadowSwatch: The Body Shop Jade Baked Shadow

These are really really fantastic and really pigmented— I applied all of these on NO BASE. Can you imagine the color on black base?!?!?!?! *Dies* I’m not even joking, I really really really love these. They are $16.00 CA/US and are hands down awesome. And I’m not just saying that.
I bought (yes with my own money) Amethyst, Moonstone and Jade, but was able to swatch the rest.
I want them ALL.

Damn… Ten-Pan is gonna be hard!


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