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Sneak Peek Review: The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Bath & Body Line

by Holly James
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March 14th will be the official launching of a new Bath and Body Line in Canada called Sweet Lemon.
This has already launched on the South Africa Body Shop site, and I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks about this new line in North America! The products included will be a shower gel, Body Butter, body scrub, soap (bar) and a new lip butter. This is an exclusive review on the *products!!!

 *excluding soap (bar) lip butter


The first product is the new Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion. The top picture is taken with a flash and the bottom is taken without.

Product Quickie:
• A lemony fluffy (i.e. “whipped”) body lotion

The Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion is one of my faves from the line! I love lemon meringue pie, and this smells EXACTLY like the sweet lemon filling! The lotion doesn’t leave a greasy after feel and is the lightest of
The Body Shop Whip Body Lotions (compared to Mango, Brazil Nut & Shea). After it’s soaked into the skin there is a very subtle greeny-freshness that is left for scent. I think that it is perfect timing for this line to come out, because when I use it it screams “SPRING IS HERE!”. I’m a huge fan of citrus scents, though I usually stray away from anything lemon because sometimes you get that “lemon-cleaner” smell that gives most people a headache. The lotion doesn’t strike me that way at all, and if anything lightens my mood and invigorates me!

The second product is the new Sweet Lemon Shower Gel. The top picture is taken with a flash and the bottom is taken without.

Product Quickie:
• A sweet “sparkly” lemon liquid soap used in shower or bath

The Sweet Lemon Shower Gel is another of my favorites from this line… if not THE favorite out of the bunch!
From the bottle, the scent is almost a dead on to a lemon lollipop! It’s more sweet than any of the other products and if you’re a lemon fan, you’ll have to stop yourself from tasting it, it smells so good! When it’s used in the bath/shower (I used it with a bath lily to get it foamy) it gives a fair amount of bubbles that feels VERY clean when using. The scent I noticed changes a little more and became like a more “freshly-squeezed” lemon scent that was almost “sparkly” like when you pop champagne. The green notes definitely come out in the shower—- which I LOVE. The only con (and maybe it’s not a con if you don’t like the idea of smelling like a lemon), is that after the shower you’re bathroom will smell super fresh, but the Sweet Lemon fragrance doesn’t tend to last on the skin. Either way, I really enjoyed this lemon-zinger of a shower and felt instantly lively. A GREAT WAKER-UPPER in the morning if you are tired!

The third product is the new Sweet Lemon Body Butter. The top picture is taken with a flash and the bottom is taken without.

Product Quickie:
• A soft creamy light Body Butter

The Sweet Lemon Body Butter reminds me very much of lemon verbena. It’s a lighter more “blossomy” scent to the Whip Lotion, and it is more mild than the other body products. It’s moisturizing like the other Body Shop Body Butters. There is a slight lemony scent, I find if I smell my skin closely, the lemon turns a little powdery, which I usually don’t like all that much, but it’s definitely grown on me!

The fourth product is the new Sweet Lemon Body Scrub. The top picture is taken with a flash and the bottom is taken without.

Product Quickie:
• A powerful lemon scented sugar scrub with real lemon peel

The Sweet Lemon Body Scrub is the one product that on the initial first-whiff, I didn’t love. It has actual lemon rind/peel in it and the acidic lemon is very strong with this product. So strong, that on the first sniff I thought that it smelled of vinegar. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, after a little giving it a second chance on the scent, you can almost taste the natural lemon juice and now I think it smells wonderful. I think the first reaction I had was negative because this is the most-realistic lemon scent of all the products in the Sweet Lemon line and it’s very strong. As far as the scrub– if you read my review on the Mango Scrub from The Body Shop then you know I LOVE to exfoliate— I absolutely loved this scrub. It made my skin super smooth, and it smelled so fresh and uplifting. It rinses very clean, and doesn’t leave an oily residue. So in the end I actually really like the body scrub!!!!

Overall, coming from a citrus lover, I think this line is going to be a hit with those who love lemon. Those who are not partial to lemon or other zingy fruits, may not like this line. For those in-betweeners, you will probably love the shower gel and the Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion, while the other products may take some getting used to. If at first you don’t like it (like the scrub), give it a second chance before you decide.
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