body shop makeup haulview

Body Shop Makeup Haulview

by Holly James
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So as promised, I have finally gotten around to reviewing the Body Shop makeup I picked up over the last couple weeks.

In all honesty I have to say I am in LOVE (I know… I know… I say that a lot! LOL) with the makeup! I haven’t tried all the different foundations or concealers yet, though the mineral makeup looks very tempting! The products reviewed in this video are:
*Born Lippy: Watermelon $8
*Liquid Lip Color: 13 Pale Pink $14.00
*Sheer Lip Shine: 01 Sheer Pink $14.50
*Colorglide Lip Colour: (06 Clover Pink; 10 Soft Heather) $12.50
*Eyeshadow: (32 Chocolate, 01 Pistachio, Eye Shimmer 04 Copper, 05 Brown, 30 Amethyst) $12 each
*Holiday Palette 02 $26
*Vitamin E Face Mist $16

Out of this haul, the Sheer Lip Shines, the lipsticks and the eyeshadows are my favorite! (That’s pretty much everything… hahah). Seriously I think the quality is really nice, and the packaging is AWESOME! I especially love the casing of the lipsticks (I say that like… ten times haha). They feel more durable and heavy than MAC’s lipsticks (which have plastic casing) but have that oh-so-pleasing *click* when snapping the lid. They stay shut, which is important if you are like me and HATE when you throw a lipstick in your purse and the lid flies off so that every particle or hair in your purse sticks to your lipstick. lol.
The eyeshadows are lovely, and again if you would like to see the tutorial on how to de-pot an eyeshadow in under a minute

A also forgot to mention that there is also a Vitamin C face mist that is a little more expensive at $18.00 CA, but in my opinion the Vitamin E Face Mist works better for applying eyeshadows, because of the vitamin E in it– which helps sort of meld the eyeshadow in place *if that makes any sense whatsoever!* haha.

This will probably be my last post until Christmas- so…

aka Bea

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