Fun & Versatile Makeup Storage!

by Holly James
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Recently I got two FANTASTIC little box organizers. I had gotten a few earlier this year of different size, but the new ones I picked up, definitely are the most useful compact containers that are puuuuuuuurfect for storing makeup. They are even long enough to fit in my MAC palettes which is awesome, because if you look at the picture below, there’s an edge showing of another storage container that I have had for a while, that’s 5 draws tall, but not long enough for my MAC palettes. So these new ones are like… amazing.

Plus, if you check out the top, it’s got a flip lid-thing where I just store my daily face products like primer, foundation, concealer etc… which is surprisingly roomy! In the back, where I’ve put my brushes, I’ve filled it up and done a sort of the “Sephora-inspired” look for my brushes. If you look at this picture below, there’s a shot of the other one I bought that doesn’t hold the brushes, just other nick-knacks, face mist, extras etc. there are two compartments: This one with the brushes and the compartments filled:
The containers are about  9 inches tall (?) and I got them at Walmart for $8.00 each. For the pattern, I basically found a pattern I liked on the internet and then printed it off and cut out the right size for the fronts drawer face of the organizers. I’ll do a tutorial in an upcoming vid/post soon.
I just love these.  I was kind of okay with the other ones I had, but these I LOVE. There are so convenient and compact and funky looking… lol. The only CON would be that I don’t think you can pull out the drawers from the slots which might be a problem if you want to take the drawer out. So far, it’s not been a problem for me—haven’t needed to….but you never know!

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