Studio Gear Vs. MAC Brushes

by Holly James
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I recently got a Studio Gear Brush–the crease blending brush. It is called “Studio Gear brush #35”. I can not tell you how much I love this brush! It is made from squirrel hair, so it’s not a vegan makeup brush- but neither are most MAC brushes… It is as good, in fact, softer than my MAC #222 blending brush. Don’t get me wrong, I love my MAC 222.

What I’ve noticed about my MAC 222, is the hairs seem to fray a little after each washing, which is common with goat hair brushes. With the Studio Gear makeup brush, I haven’t had any stray hairs or fallout hairs after washing many times (then again, that could be due to the fact that it is made from squirrel hair). It’s a dense little brush about an inch longer than my MAC 222.

It is a fabulous brush, no doubt about that. The thing is, all the Studio Gear brushes (from what I’ve seen), are not for the budget beauty. They cost a pretty penny!

I checked online directly on the Studio Gear Cosmetics site to do a price comparison for you guys, and it is sold at a whopping $30.00 US. So it ain’t cheap ladies. Even my MAC 222 wasn’t that expensive!

Even despite costing an arm and a leg (haha),  I would never give this brush up. It does such a great job at blending color into my crease- it’s like brush heaven. I LOVE IT.  Even though its name is a “blending crease brush”, I do consider this more of a crease brush, than an actual blending brush. But it still can do a great job of blending– I tested out a look using only this brush, and it definitely can be multi-functional. The bristles are great for picking up color and applying to your lid as well. So if you were only going to purchase one eyeshadow brush, it would work… but alas, there are probably less expensive versions out there for you to use. From what I hear the MAC 217 is a great choice for a all-in-one brush as well (I still have yet to get my hands on that one!)

Overall, it’s one of the best brushes I own– well worth the money as far as use value goes, but I know there are cheaper alternatives out there for my lovely bargain beauties. If you’ve got the mulah and want to try out some Studio Gear brushes, click here!


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