how to make a makeup organizer

How to Make a Makeup Organizer

by Holly James
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One of my favorite pastimes is crafting. I love making stuff with my hands, and coming up with ideas. I thought I’d share one of the crafts I made because it relates to makeup.

Once I started really adding to my makeup collection, it was a giant mess of buckets full of eyeshadows, bags of brushes etc. I thought “I guess I’ll have to go out and buy one of those organizer thingies“. But then I thought, why not try to make one? It was my first attempt at it, and I think it turned out pretty good. I will probably have to make a larger one next time, because already this thing is becoming a little too crowded. However, I thought I’d do this DIY tutorial, so you get the idea. You can alter it however you see fit, or to your style.

The things you will need:
1. Cardboard (lots of it)
2. An exacto-blade
3. Glue (lots of glue…)
4. Paint (optional)
5. Newspaper (or magazine cut outs)
6. Hairdryer (this is optional too, but I’m impatient)
7. Lots of time!

Watch the slide show:

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