Can’t Open My Makeup Palette: How to Fix it!

by Holly James
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If you read my review about the 20 color Amuse palette, you’ll see that I had a lot of problems with opening that particular palette. I’m talking I needed a crowbar to open that thing!

But because I’m quite resourceful, I discovered a simple fix for a hard to open makeup palette.
First you have to get it open, I used a letter opener to get mine open. That’s step one.

Step two: You need something sharp. Scissors, a knife, a scalpel… whatever. Then you need to shave off the bottom notch that the top of the palette snaps in/onto. This will only work if you have a plastic palette, which most all of them are.

Pick your color palette

Do this “shaving” bit by bit, opening and closing the palette until you get to the point where it’s easy to open and close the palette, but it still snaps shut.

That’s it. Easy-peasy.


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