review amuse palette 20 eyeshadow with 2 blush

Review: Amuse palette 20 eyeshadow with 2 blush

by Holly James
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Amuse 20 Eyeshadow Palette

Recently I bought some items from, which included the wonderful palette you see above. But before you leave this wonderful blog and go out and buy it, read my review first.

The brand is called Amuse, and this brand is only available through Cherry Culture, as far as I know. In my opinion Amuse has exceeded my expectations as far as color payoff–along with it’s wonderful price (it’s only $12.00 US!).
There isn’t a name for this particular palette, except #1, and the strange thing is that on the website picture some of the colors displayed are a different. The picture you see was taken with my camera, and it’s the palette that was sent to me. I did a small touch-test to show you the pigmentation on a couple of the colors (on the left).

I’m sure you can gather that the size of each eyeshadow is roughly the size of a nickle (5 cents US/Canada). And as you can see, the colors are fab. I am really pleased with these colors, and the blushes are nice as well. The shadows are mostly shimmery, with one or two that I would consider slightly more matte.

There were a couple things I didn’t like about this palette, one of the things being it had to be one of the most difficult palettes to open I have ever tried. It’s nice that it clasps tightly, but trying to open it again is like a battle from hell. I had to use a letter opener to pop it open. But not to worry, I came up with a solution, which you can read on How to fix a hard to open palette, and now it opens the way I want it to.

Back in the early days, Cherry Culture used to give everyone of their customers a complimentary cherry gloss that had their website name on it. They don’t do that anymore, but I think it was because a lot of people didn’t like the cherry smell… I still have mine! LOLThe other thing that was a little bit of a disappointment, was that the top is a pastel blue with the Amuse name and logo on it. I don’t hate the logo so much, but in my opinion it would look much more classy if the top matched the bottom (black). On Cherry Culture there is no closed example of the palette, so I didn’t know exactly what it looked like.

Overall, I thought this was a great bargain, and my vote:
This is definitely a GREAT beginner palette for a beginner!

If you would like to check it out for yourself, go to Beauty

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